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Louisbourg Bibliography

This section records those items contained in the McLennan Louisbourg File in the Nova Scotia Collection of the James McConnell Library. The items in this file are not catalogued, therefore they will be recorded as they are presently arranged. Items in each of the four drawers are arranged differently, this arrangement is explained in an introduction to each drawer.

McLennan Louisbourg File, Drawer No.1, Louisbourg documents
Contained in the files in this drawer are transcriptions of original documents pertaining to Louisbourg. These are hand transcriptions which were done in the late 1800's and early 1900's, mainly by John Stewart McLennan and his daughter, Katharine. The McLennans travelled to England, France, and the United States in search of original documents which would assist Mr. McLennan in writing his book, Louisbourg From Its Foundation to Its Fall 1713 - 1758. These transcriptions are considered by authorities to be accurate and are a valuable addition to the Nova Scotia Collection. Files in this drawer are arranged alphabetically by subject. The transcriptions within each are ordered, and are recorded here as such.

FILE - ACADIE 1714 - 1715
AC 1 Letter to Gaulin, Missionary from Versailles, 1714 (March) urging him to influence the Acadians to settle in Cape Breton, etc.
AC 2 Memoire des habitans de l'Acadie qui sont venus voir les terres de l'Isle Royalle. (1714, Habitants who visited Isle Royale).
AC 3 Population de l'Acadie en 1714.
AC 4 Acadian affairs - Correspondence between French officers at Louisbourg and Col. Nicholson, Annapolis Royal. 1714 - July - August.
AC 5 Pontchartrain to d'Hibertville. Complaints of Nicholson's treatment of Acadians; English fishermen off Porte Toulouse; Sec. Stanhope's answer.
AC 6 Account of two French fishermen from Annapolis of the fishing vessels and inhabitants of Acadia and Isle Royale.

FILE - ANNAPOLIS 1744 - 46
AN 1 Lettres de Mr. Duquesnel a Mr. Duvivier, lui prescrivant ses orders et ses instructions (Acadia 1744). (Duquesnel to Duvivier, orders and instructions).
AN 2 Mme. DuChambon et Bigot. Letter 25 November 1744 (Isle Royale). Expedition - Annapolis Royal.
AN 3 Chevalier De Gannes, account of expedition to Annapolis. November 28, 1744.
AN 4 Gov. Mascarene, Annapolis Royal, to Commodore Warren. Behavior of Acadians.
AN 5 Captain's letters from Annapolis Royal. 1746, July - November.
1. Captain Collins; HMS Dover, at Annapolis Royal.
2. Captain Rous; HMS Shirley, at Annapolis Royal.
3. Captain Spry; HMS Chester, at Annapolis Royal.

ANV 1 Orders, Acadian affairs. Re d'Anville's fleet.
ANV 2 D'Anville's expedition. August 1746.
ANV 3 Knowles. Description of d'Anville's fleet in Chebucto Bay. September, 1746.
ANV 4 Letters. De Saliez's letters, captured English letters, etc. November 1746.
ANV 5 Duc d'Anville. Lettre De L_ Duval, Chirugien ordinaire de la Marine du Department de Brest, Ecrit a bord du `Northumberland', en rade de l'Orient, le 19 decembre, 1746. (Doctor's account of death
of d'Anville.)

FILE - ARMY 1758 - 60
AR 1 Disposition of His Majesty's forces in America. Troops destined for the siege of Louisbourg.
AR 2 Cunningham, Jas. to Lord Sackville. He accompanied the fleet to Halifax, ... names ships and regiments etc.
AR 3 Late war in America. (copy taken from Historical Journal).
AR 4 Wolfe's orders from the lighthouse, June, 1758.
AR 5 Letter from Lt. H. Caldwell from Louisbourg.
Letter from Wolfe to Caldwell. July, 1758.
Letter from General Muray to Lord Ligonier in favor of Captain Henry Caldwell.
AR 6 Amherst to Pitt. Camp before Louisbourg. 11th June - September 1758.
AR 7 Governor Whitmore to Pitt. State of Louisbourg after siege. September 1758.
AR 8 Durell, Phil. Two letters. Storm at Louisbourg, etc. October 29, 1758 and November 5, 1758.
AR 9 Whitmore, Gov. Edwd. to Wm. Pitt. Affairs at Louisbourg. January 22, 1759.
AR 10 Wolfe, Jam. Letter from the 'Neptune'. June 6, 1759.
AR 11 Whitmore to Amherst. Destroying of fortifications. Comparison of guns at Quebec and Louisbourg.
AR 12 Hale, Richard Walden. The Royal Americans. Ann Arbor: The William L. Clements Library, 1944. (contained within above entry.)

B Biographies, English. (scrapbook; typed and hand written copies from various sources) Contains biographies of:
Amherst, General
Amherst, Adm.
Bastide, Engineer
Bentley, V. Admiral
Boscawen, Admiral
Brett, Capt. R.N.
Byron, V. Admiral
Deswarre, J.F.W.
Douglas, Sir James
Durell, V. Admiral
Geary, Sir Francis
Gordon, William A.
Gridley, Col. Richard
Hardy, Ad. Sir Charles
Hughes, Ad. Sir Edward
Knowles, Ad. Sir Charles
Laforey, Sir John
Lawrence, Charles, Gov. N.S.
Mumford, Capt. Charles
Murray, Lt. Col.
Pepperrell, Sir William
Shirley, William, Gov. Mass.
Spry, Sir Richard
Warren, Ad. Sir Peter

FILE - CANSO 1 (1715 - 1729)
Miscellaneous Papers Including Raid of 1719
1. Answers to heads of enquiry relating to the fishery and trade of Canso in Nova Scotia and parts adjacent.
2. Captain Southack to Gov. Joseph Dudley and the Council at Boston. Canso 1715 - 20.
3. Demands of Armstrong against French. St. Ovide's replies.
4. Did Philips occupy Canso on his own initiative, or by orders from home?
5. Excerpts read from Smart's journal of his proceedings at Canso. Vessels and goods siezed and bringing away La Sond. November 3, 1718.
6. French demands. Gov. Philip's (Annapolis Royal) visit to Canso. French and Indian attack on Canso. 1720.
7. Hiriberry's account of raid of 1719, etc.
8. Hiriberry. Notorial protest. Order to plunder restored.
9. Lords of Trade re Shannon's complaint. 1719.
10. Minutes of Council in assembly. Boston. June 20, 1718.
11. Orders and account of raid on Canso. 1719.
12. St. Marie to St. Ovide. Limits of treaty of Utrecht, etc. 1726.
13. St. Ovide. Doucette. Canso. 1718.
14. Shute, Sam. to the Lords of Trade. Boston. August 19, 1720.
15. Smart. Canso. 1716 - 18.
16. Smart. Canso. November 13, 1718.
17. Smart. Canso, orders. 1716 - 1718.
18. Smart's prizes. Canso. 1719 - 1720.
19. Southack. Transactions during voyage. January 13, 1719.
20. 'Squirrell.' 1718.
21. Vaughan. Shannon's complaint. 1718.
22. Vaughan's testimonies. Canso. 1719.

FILE - CANSO 2 (1743 - 1746)
CAN 2(1) Interview between Duvivier and Young. 1743.
CAN 2(2) Young, Captain Robert. Letters. Canso. Illicit trade and conditions.
CAN 2(3) Shirley. Canso and exchange of prisoners. 1744.
CAN 2(4) Capitulation des officers de Canso.
CAN 2(5) Duvivier. Lettre sur l'expedition de Canceau. 1744.
CAN 2(6) Memoir sur Canceaux. 1744.
CAN 2(7) Ryall, Lt. Geo. Taken prisoner to Louisbourg. Loss of prize money

CB 1 Raudot, Intendant du Canada. 1706. Memoir sur les affaires du Canada et l'establissement du Cap Breton.
CB 2 Ponchartrain, M. le Comte. Memoire ... sur l'establissement d'une colonie dans l'Isle de Cape Breton. Description de l'Isle de Cap Breton.
CB 3 Rapport de M. de Costebelle. (from Plaisance) avec ses instructions a M. la Ronde Denys.
CB 4 La Ronde Denys. Services. 1689 - 1713.
CB 5 La Ronde Denys. Services: From Porte Toulouse to Conseille de Marine Paris. 1716. (from Archives du Canada - Isle Royale, Serie F. Vol 133-A, p. 67.)
CB 6 Meschin. Data on
St. Ovide. Letter re taking possession of Cape Breton. 1712.
Costebelle. Letters from Plaisance. 1713 - 1714.
L'Hermitte arrival of St. Ovide from Plaisance, etc.
CB 7 Semslak. Documents. 1712 - 1714.
CB 8 'Chameau.' Wreck of. September 1726. Also a plan.

D Duquesnel inventory. 1744.

FILE - GASPE 1756 - 1758
G 1 Admiral Holmes orders to Captain Spry, August, 1756.
G 2 Wolfe; Murray; Letters re expedition in the gulf of St. Lawrence. September, 1758.
G 3 Boscawen, E. Account of the destruction at Gaspe.

J 1 Chevalier Johnstone. The campaign of Louisbourg. 1750 - 1758.
J 2 Chevalier Johnstone. Payments due him, correspondence re pension, etc.
J 3 Hamilton. Journal of the siege of Louisbourg 1758. With notes on Wolfe. (from "Hamilton's Journal", printed in the Haldiman Papers, Ottawa Archives, vol. 139) (typed)
J 4 Journal of the siege of the siege of Louisbourg. By Peperrell; Waldo, etc.
J Fr. Jacob, Leon. Journal Inedit Du Siege De Louisbourg (Ile Du Cap Breton) En 1758. Paris: Librairie Felix, 1913.
J Fr. Journal de Marin Fils. Juillet - Septembre, 1748. (Description en Historique Isle Royale M.S.S.M Serie F, vol. 50)
J Gibson Clough. Journal - Louisbourg. 1759 - 1760.
J Letter from Lt. Ed. Hamilton to his brother. Written from Louisbourg July, 1758.
J Poilly's journal. Siege 1758.

K 1 Karrer Mutiny. Correspondence regarding.
K 2 A.M. de Barrailh. Correspondence regarding Karrer Mutiny.
K 3 Mutinous soldiers at Louisbourg.
K 4 Correspondence from various sources regarding Karrer Mutiny.
K 5 Copie de la lettre ecrite a Monseigneur le Comte de Maurepas par Mme. Duchambon et Bigot, a Louisbourg le 31 decembre 1744 - 45.
K 6 Mutiny. Ships.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1712 - 1718 (L 1)
L 1 (1) Correspondence between French Officers in Isle Royale and Minister.
L 1 (2) English papers respecting the removal of the French from Placentia 1713.
L 1 (3) Funds of the French navy. 1713.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1715 - 1717 (L 2)
L 2 (1) Jethro Furber's account of Louisbourg.
L 2 (2) French description of Louisbourg.
L 2 (3) Remarques sur les deperses infructueuses.
L 2 (4) Soubras, A.M. Sur les cabaretiers marchands, etc.
L 2 (5) Isle Royale - Justice. Orders for establishing a council for judging cases at Louisbourg.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1721 - 1754 (L 3)
L3 (1) Census, 1716 to 1753.
L3 (2) Isle Royale 1721 - 1754 (Folder) Contains:
a. Receipts and expenses (missing)
b. Fishing and commerce (missing)
c. Fishing boats (missing)
d. Ships coming to Louisbourg from Annapolis
e. Imports
f. Imports
L3 (3) Verville: Remarques sur les travaux de Louisbourg.
L3 (4) Letter of St. Ovide: Defenses of Louisbourg. Plan to attack Annapolis Royal. Boston defenses: contempt for New England militia.
L3 (5) Verrier. Description of work on fortifications. 1735.
L3 (6) Memoir a Mauripas. Visite de grand vicaire a Isle Royale sur une Englise paroissiale a establis a Louisbourg au sujet des Soeurs de la Congregation de Montreal. Report of Lyon Ferreol, Priest.

FILE - LOUISBOURG MISC. 1741 - 1744 (L 4)
L4 (1) Admiral Warren's description of Louisbourg. 1741.
L4 (2) Killey's views on the most effective way of embarrassing French trade.
L4 (3) Sur le Traite a Utrecht. Isle Royale. 20 juin, 1742. Loss of fortifications.
L4 (4) Peche et commerce. Isle Royale. 1744.
L4 (5) Accounts owed treasurer by the King. 1744. (French)
L4 (6) Duquesnel to Minister, Declaration of war received. Need of substinance for Louisbourg.
L4 (7) DuChambon et Bigot. Privateering, etc.
L4 (8) Etat de l'armenant et des munitions pour la defense du port et de la place de Louisbourg. 10 novembre 1744. (State of armenants for the defense of Louisbourg.)
L4 (9) DuChambon et Bigot. 20 novembre 1744.
L4 (10) Meschin. Voyage from France. Plans to attack Annapolis changed, etc.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1743 - 1747 (L 5)
L5 (1) Knowles (Admiral). Ship movements, 1743 - 1747.
L5 (2) English logs 1745 - 1747.
L5 (3) French complaints of Gorham's action at the St. John River.
L5 (4) St. John River affair. September 1750.
L5 (5) Moyens de prevenir la guerre. February, 1755.
L5 (6) Combat de L'esperance, De Bouville. 1755.
L5 (7) Instructions to put defenses of Louisbourg in state of defense. Circa 1756.
L5 (8) Position of French and British ships. March 1756.
L5 (9) Du Bois De La Motte. Instructions. 1757.
L5 (10) French ships sent to America. September 1757.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1745 - 1748 (L 6)
L6 (1) Bastide's estimate of repairs and state of defenses to fortifications. July, 1745.
L6 (2) Orders to Bastide regarding buildings and fortifications.
L6 (3) Victualling the garrison at Louisbourg. October, 1745.
L6 (4) Allowance of food, liquor and clothing for troops at Louisbourg. April, 1746.
L6 (5) Knowle's (Admiral) opinion of Louisbourg. Bad climate, etc. 1746.
L6 (6) Description and state of the garrison and fortifications of Louisbourg with the opinions of Governor Knowles and Captain Bastide, Principle Engineer, concerning them.
L6 (7) Mutiny over pay stoppages. June, 1747. Charles Knowles to the Duke of Newcastle.
L6 (8) Knowles. Flags of truce.
L6 (9) Knowles. Riot at Boston owing to impressing men.
L6 (10) Defense of colliery at Morien against French and Indians.
L6 (11) Levies raised by Governor Wentworth, (New Hampshire), for Louisbourg expedition.
L6 (12) Plans for removing garrison and delivering Louisbourg to the French. 1748.
L6 (13) Marin affair. 1748.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1745 - 1749 (L 7)
L7 (1) 'Vigilant', Capture of. May 1, 1745.
L7 (1a) Maisonfort instructions. May, 1745.
L7 (2) Capitulation terms. 1745.
L7 (3) Etat des munitions du Fort de Louisbourg. 6 juin, 1745.
L7 (4) Bigot. Account of siege. 1745.
L7 (5) Morpain sur le siege de Louisbourg. 4 fevrier, 1746.
L7 (6) Liste des officiers. 1747 - 1763.
L7 (7) Beauharnais - Beaumont, Capitaine de La 'Friponne'. Renseignement interressants sur Louisbourg. 1748.
L7 (8) London Evening Post. October 1748 - 1755.
L7 (9) Nova Scotia Boundaries.
L7 (10) Desherbiers and Prevost. Abuses regarding troops in the time of Forant and Duquesnel.
L7 (11) Reception of news of restitution of Cape Breton in Paris. 1749.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1745 - 1749 (L 7)
L7 (1) 'Vigilant', Capture of. May 1, 1745.
L7 (1a) Maisonfort instructions. May, 1745.
L7 (2) Capitulation terms. 1745.
L7 (3) Etat des munitions du Fort de Louisbourg. 6 juin, 1745.
L7 (4) Bigot. Account of siege. 1745.
L7 (5) Morpain sur le siege de Louisbourg. 4 fevrier, 1746.
L7 (6) Liste des officiers. 1747 - 1763.
L7 (7) Beauharnais - Beaumont, Capitaine de La 'Friponne'. Renseignement interressants sur Louisbourg. 1748.
L7 (8) London Evening Post. October 1748 - 1755.
L7 (9) Nova Scotia Boundaries.
L7 (10) Desherbiers and Prevost. Abuses regarding troops in the time of Forant and Duquesnel.
L7 (11) Reception of news of restitution of Cape Breton in Paris. 1749.

FILE - LOUISBOURG 1748 - 1758 (L 8)
L8 (1) Le Loutre, Abbe.
L8 (2) Boundaries. 1750.
L8 (3) Commerce des vivres defendus aux habitants de Louisbourg. (On ships trading with Louisbourg). 1751.
L8 (4) Naissance du Duc de Bourgogne. 1752.
L8 (5) Memoire sur la commerce de l'Isle Royale avec la Nouvelle Angleterre.
L8 (6) Pownall, Gov. Contrasts English and French system of settlement and treatment of Indians - English prisoners bought by the French and treated as slaves.
L8 (7) Inventaire des effects de Jean Roche. Contract of marriage.
L8 (8) Drucour and Prevost. Numbers in garrison, etc. January - June 1758.
L8 (9) Memoire sur la place de Louisbourg et ses fortifications. 1758.
L8 (10) Coromandiere Cove landing. June, 1758. Lts. Hopkins, Brown and Ensign Grant.
L8 (11) Cutting-out expedition. July 25, 1758.
L8 (12) Lettre sur la capitulation de Louisbourg. 1758.
L8 (13) Mme. Drucours. Lettre au Ministere 22 decembre, 1758. (with translations)
L8 (14) Louisbourg 1758. Journal du siege. (Identified by J.S. McLennan as Poilly's)

FILE - MASS. 1743 - 1747 (M 1)
M1 (1) Minutes of the Massachusetts House of Assembly. May, 1743 - July, 1744.
M1 (2) First council on Shirley's request for ships to assist in taking of Louisbourg.
M1 (3) Shirley. Plans of attack on Louisbourg.
M1 (4) Orders sent to Admiral Warren. 1744.
M1 (5) Action of British government on receipt of Governor Shirley's letters. 1744.
M1 (6) Ships and troops for Louisbourg. 1744.
M1 (7) General Assembly, Massachusetts. Louisbourg business. 1744.
M1 (8) Plans of campaign against Louisbourg. Kilby to Newcastle. Kilby to Lord Harrington. 1744.
M1 (9) Shirley's message to General Assembly on expedition against Louisbourg. October 1744.
M1 (10) Shirley's correspondence. 1744 - 1747. (Precis)

FILE - MASS. 1744 - 1745 (M 2)
M2 (1) Indians in English service. November, 1744.
M2 (2) Shirley to Warren, Corbett, Spry, etc. 1744 - 1745.
M2 (3) Account given Shirley of ships at Louisbourg. 1744.
M2 (4) Shirley's letter urging expedition against Louisbourg. December, 1744.
M2 (5) Shirley's address to House of Representatives, Adverse Report. 1745.
M2 (6) Shirley to Newcastle. Regarding proposed expedition against Louisbourg. 1745.
M2 (7) Warren and Pepperrell , to Newcastle. 1745.
M2 (8) Shirley's second message to House of Representatives. (Regarding Cape Breton) 1745.
M2 (9) Report of Committee urging attack on Louisbourg. 1745.
M2 (10) Admiralty instructions to Captain Edwards. 1745.
M2 (11) An Act to prevent trade and traiterous correspondence with His Majesty's enemies. 1745.
M2 (12) Shirley. Proposal for settlement and government of Cape Breton and its garrisoning. July 10, 1745.
M2 (13) Shirley's address to the garrison of Louisbourg. August, 1745.
M2 (14) Shirley. On keeping New Englanders at Louisbourg and his reward.
M2 (15) Number of troops at Louisbourg. Government of Cape Breton. Repairs to fortifications. October 1745.
M2 (16) Shirley to Newcastle. Given power to raise a regiment. Recruiting difficulties. American soldiers and English officers etc. December, 1745.

FILE - NAVAL 1757- 1758 (N 1)
N1 (1) Boscawen's fleet off Louisbourg. 1755.
N1 (2) Boscawen. State of garrison at Louisbourg at capitulation. 1755 - 1758.
N1 (3) Boscawen. Letters. 1755.
N1 (4) List of prizes taken from Louisbourg. 1755.
N1 (5) Out letters, Admirals. 1756, 1757.
N1 (6) Holmes, Admiral. Fight off Louisbourg. Exchange of Prisoners.
N1 (7) Captain's Letters. 1757.
N1 (8) Fight of Privateer and 'Robuste'. 1757.
N1 (9) List of prizes taken from Louisbourg. 1756 - 1757.

FILE - NAVAL 1757 - 1758 (N 2)
N2 (1) Holbourne's ships logs. Gale, September, 1757. State of Ships after gale, etc.
N2 (2) Account of gale. Lady Anson to her brother Earl of Hardwicke. 1757.
N2 (3) Ships in Halifax harbour under Boscawen. May, 1758.
N2 (4) Orders to Boscawen. 1758.
N2 (5) Orders to Captain Parry. March - August, 1758.
N2 (6) Logs. 1758.

V1 Vaughan. Services.
V2 Account of gale. Lady Anson to her brother Earl of Hardwicke. 1757.
V3 Vaughan. Capture of Grand Battery.
V4 Soldier's coat used as flag on Grand Battery.
V5 Notes on Colonel Vaughan by St. Crawford.

W1 (1) Warren to Corbett, 1744. General discussion of attack on France.
W1 (2) Warren; Durell; etc. March 1745 to March 1746. State of garrison. Number of volunteers to stay at Louisbourg after capture.
W1 (3) Warren at Antigua. 1745.
W1 (4) Warren on way north. March, 1745.
W1 (5) Warren at sea. April, 1745.
W1 (6) Warren's line of battle and signals. June 9, 1745.
W1 (7) Warren to Corbett. Capture of 'Vigilant'. June, 1745.
W1 (8) Warren at Louisbourg. (To Anson) June 1745.
W1 (9) Warren to Corbett. July, 1745.

FILE - WARREN 1745 -1746 (W 2)
W2 (1) Prizes. 1745.
W2 (2) Warren to Anson. Baronetcy. 1745.
W2 (3)  1. Affairs at Louisbourg and future upkeep and government.
17. Council on 'Superb' regarding Perrier's squadron at Newfoundland.
20. Orders to Captain of Notre Dame de la deliverance.
23. Duvivier and prize.
24. Father Desenclaves from Annapolis.
W2 (4) Warren to Corbett. Various troubles at Louisbourg. 1745.
W2 (5) Warren to Lord Anson. Two letters. 1745.
W2 (6) Warren resigns govrenment to Knowles. State of affairs at Louisbourg and plans for future.
W2 (7) Warren. American officers' discontent. 2000 buried since capture of Louisbourg, etc.
W2 (8) Warren leaves Louisbourg 1746. Movement of ships and logs.

McLennan Louisbourg File, Drawer No. 2, Printed Matter
The holdings of the files in this drawer are mainly printed items relating to Louisbourg. They are filed either by author or by subject, and are listed here in the manner in which they are located in this file. Although the items in most of the files are not subarranged, in this listing they will be presented alphabetically by author within each particular category.

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[Transcription / Notes / Print Items]
Misc 1 Population Isle Royale 1713 - 1715.
Misc 2 Nova Scotia Council, 1720.
Misc 3 Considerations on the state of the British fisheries in America and their consequence to Great Britain with proposals for their security by the reduction of Cape Breton, etc. 1745.
Misc 4 Warren, Sir Peter. Article from Harpers Magazine, 1893.
Misc 5 Little, G.H. The Influence of Sea Power on the Conquest of Canada. Halifax: Maritime Museum of Canada, 1958.
Misc 6 Plan of Sydney Harbor, 1752.
Misc 7 Wilson, Clifford P. Papers (2) on Museum Arrangement.
Misc 8 Morgan, William Thomas. Queen Anne's Canadian Expedition of 1711. Bulletin of the Departments of History and Political and Economic Science in Queen's University, No. 58. Kingston: Jackson
Press, 1928.

David, R.P. Albert. "Thomas Pichon, le ((Judas)) des Acadiens (1770-1771)." Nova Francia, 3, No. 3 (1928): 131-138.
Memorial. Sir William Pepperrell Hall of Fame. [1910]
Diary Kept at Louisbourg, 1759 - 1760 by Jonathan Procter of Danvers. Salem (Mass): Essex Institute, 1934.

Muggah, Fred G. "Louisbourg".
Perry, W.I. "Louisbourg".
Rowland, Walter. "An Old French Cannon".
Seward, Alice. "The Ghost of Old Louisbourg".
_______. "To Old Louisbourg

Webster, John Clarence. Cornelis Steenwyck: Dutch Governor of Acadie. Privately Printed, 1927.

Cathelineau, Emmanuel de. "Inauguration du Monument a Jean Vauquelin a Dieppe le 14 septembre 1930 - Comment Morut Vauquelin." Nova Francia, 5, No. 5[1932].
Gravier, Gabriel. Notice sur Jean Vauquelain de Dieppe, Lieutenant de Vaisseau (1727-1764) D'Apres M. Faucher de Saint-Maurice. Rouen: Imprimerie de Esperance Cagniard, 1885.
LaFage, Leon. "Jean Vauquelin." Association des Amis du Musee De La Marine, Quatrieme Bulletin Trimestrial, 1932: 98-100.
Webster, J. Clarence. Samuel Vetch: An Address by Dr. J. Clarence Webster of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada on the Occasion of the Dedication of a Monument to Samuel Vetch First British Governor of Nova Scotia After the Conquest of 1710 at Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, September 22, 1928. Privately Printed, 1929.

"Exhibits Donated to Louisbourg Museum by J.C. Webster."
Webster, J.C. "The First Published Life of James Wolfe." Reprinted from the Canadian Historical Review, December, 1930.
_______. "Life of John Montresor". Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 3rd Series, 22(1928).
_______. "Ourselves and Others - Or Does History Pay?" The Splendid Project of Establishing a National Historic Park Amid the Ruins of the Famous Fortress of Louisbourg. n.d. [newspaper article]
_______. "A Study of the Portraiture of James Wolfe." Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 3rd Series, 19(1925)
_______. Wolfe: Bi-Centenary Celebration, London, Jan. 3rd, 1927. Shediac, N.B., [1927]
_______. Wolfiana: A Potpourri of Facts and Fantasies, Culled From Literature Relating to the Life of James Wolfe. Privately Printed, 1927.

Located in the back of this file drawer is a list of books on Louisbourg, compiled by Katharine McLennan. This list also contains correspondence from booksellers regarding the purchase of relevant items.

McLennan Louisbourg File, Drawer No. 3, Sources and Correspondence
This drawer contains transcriptions of original documents, and notes and information regarding Louisbourg, gathered by Sen. JS McLennan and Katharine McLennan. Several printed items are also located here. They are not catalogued, and are arranged by files but do not occur in any order within each individual file. Items are listed here according to the file in which they are located.

Admiralty letters to Boscawen, Townsend, etc.
Admiralty List Books (32) 1757. Notes.
Admiralty List Books. Notes for the year 1758.
Admiralty Sec.: registers - Monthly list for June 1745. Ships at Louisbourg.
Admiralty volumes. List of those examined.
Augmentation of Phillips' regiment. Notes.
Bibliography. Louisbourg and Cape Breton. (A short list.)
Board of Trade maps at Record Office. List.
Board of Trade to the King. Letter regarding French possessions and boundaries. December, 1758.
Bray to Smith. Extract of a letter from Captain Bray, Commander of His Majesty's armed vessel, the 'Adventure', to Admiral Smith, Dated in Dungeness Road the 2nd of January, 1758.
British Museum Catalogue of Maps: Quebec. Extract from Part XLI. London: British Museum, 1908.
Captain's letters. Warren; Douglas; Durell; Geary. Lists letters, dates and nature of the contents.
Chatham Papers. List of sources in the Chatham Papers.
Duke of Richmond to the Duke of Newcastle, Goodwood, September 18, 1745.
Extract from the log of the 'Norwich'. The attempt to capture a shallop at Canso, 1756.
Franckly, Michael. Notes regarding his letters.
Grants and Warrants. Vol. 15, 1713 - 1720. List and notes.
Journals. Notes from journals of Boscawen; Holburne; and Durell.
Knowles to Newcastle, 1746. Notes regarding letters.
Notes. Miscellaneous. 1745 - 1757.
Notes regarding documents and letters concerning Louisbourg, 1756 - 1760.
Notes. Various sources. Including: Gentleman's Magazine 1748; Life of Thomas Gainsborough, by G.W. Fulcher; Life of Major-Gen. James Wolfe, by Robert Wright, etc.
Officials. List of British officials, 1695 - 1763.
Ship movements. Statements of the movements of His Majesty's ships employed in the Siege of Louisbourg 1745 - With remarks upon the weather.
Ships. A list of His Majesty's ships in sea pay, From the Admiralty Secretary List Books. Includes dates 1696, 1712, 1745,1755, 1758.
Shirley to Newcastle. (Precis). May - December, 1746.
Siege of 1758. List of documents and notes regarding this event.
Smart. List of documents in B.T. Nova Scotia, 32, Relating to Captain Smart and the Canso fishery.
Trade. Notes regarding pamphlets and books on British and French trade.
Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748. Pamphlet. Notes.
Warren to Anson. Intercepting Dutch fleet off Cape Finisterne.

"Cape Breton, Account of Two Sieges." from T. Jeffreys, History of French Dominions in North America. 1761. Library has pp. 119-132.
A List of Seven Hundred and Sixty-Nine Ships, Taken by the Enemy, Which The Merchants of London Have Received an Account of, From the commencement of the French War, March 31, 1744, to the
11th of March 1745-6, Inclusive.

Memoire Pour Bernard Muiron Architect, Entrepreneur des fortifications de Louisbourg, Intime. Contre Gratien d'Arrigrand, Appellant. De l'Imprimerie de Knapen, Pont. S. Michel, au Von- Protecteur. 1753.
Reglement Des Droits & Salaries des Officiers du Siege de l'Amiraute de Quebec. Du 24 May 1735.

Etat sommaire des marchandises de l'Acadie entrees a Louisbourg 1740.
Exportations - Marchandises embarques a Louisbourg en 1740 pour le Canada.
Franquet. Memo on letters which are located in the Public Archives, Ottawa.
Isle Royale. vol. 38, F. 171. Notes.
Isle Royale. Balance des recettes et defeuses du [fonts] de la Colonie.
Isle Royale. Liste Generale des batteaux, gouelettes, et [Chaloyres]. 1792.
Isle Royale. Pesche de morue: habitants et vaisseaux. Comerce.
Letter, DuChambon's Branch of the Family. No date provided.
Ministere des colonies. Serie C. II. Carton 125. Extracts and notes.
Numbers of troops at Louisbourg, etc. 1749. Notes.
Petipas, C. Canso merchant. Recompensed for helping the English at Canso.
Plans de Louisbourg. Liste. a la Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.
Sources (plans, maps). List of those in Archives de la Marine, Paris.
Sources regarding Louisbourg. List and memos.

Carmen Papers. Extracts and notes.
Cleaves, Benjamin. Extracts from the journal of Benjamin Cleaves at Louisbourg.
Hanbury, John. The Ohio Company.
Letter. Copy of a letter found in a drowned man's pocket at [Lorembee].
Letters (6) from Miss Mary H. Rollins, Boston to J.S. McLennan 1907-1908 regarding Louisbourg sources. Also, one letter from J.S. McLennan to Miss Mary H. Rollins.
Louisbourg cross.
Louisbourg. Notes from various sources.
New Hampshire. Notes from provincial papers.
Payne to Hale. Letter of John Payne to Col. Robert Hale. 1745.
Population of New England 1710-1760.
Privateering. Notes.
Scalp Bounties 1694; 1706 to 1758.
Trade with Louisbourg.
Captain Tyng. Capture of French cruiser commanded by Dolobarats off Cape Cod. Transcription from Boston Weekly Newsletter, June 29, 1744.
Washington's surrender at Fort Necessity, 1754.

Negatives. 1. Model of Louisbourg [constructed by Katharine McLennan.]
2. Monument [ceremony] Louisbourg 1895.
Forces and Armaments (1758). 15 pages, references not cited.

"The Story of the Louisbourg Chapel." The Halifax Herald, November 12, 1898.

Negatives. 1. Samuel Waldo. 1745. [from painting]
2. Sir Jeffery Amherst.[from painting]
3. Scale model of Louisbourg
4. 2 Negatives and 2 Prints of the Louisbourg Chapter I.O.D.E Plaque to commemorate the second fall of Louisbourg, 1958.
5. Negatives. Louisbourg museum. Black and White - Taken for catalogue.
6. 2 Negatives of Scale Model with arrangement of Flags up to Bicentenary 1958.
"All our Yesterdays: He Was One of Fraser's Highlanders." Montreal Gazette, 1957.
"All Our Yesterdays: The Sentry Guarding the Memories." Montreal Gazette, November 30, 1957.

"The Louisbourg Cross." Harvard Alumni Bulletin, June, 1912.
Patton, W.WW "Hospital Du Roy, Louisbourg." Reference not cited.
"Louisbourg Tablet to Mark Hospital of 200 Years Ago: Tow Brothers of the Order of St. John Will Be Here Next week to Arrange for Erection of Memorial." The Gazette, [Glace Bay], November 15, 1937.
"Louisbourg." [Brothers of St. John of God Monument] Sydney Post Record, November27, 1937.

Negatives and Photographs. 1. Plan de la Baye de Niganighe [Ingonish]
2. Plan de la Baye de Niganche [Ingonish]
Original items located in Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris.

"Memorial Cairn Marking Site of Wolfe's Landing Unveiled." Sydney Post, August 27, 1931.

IODE Plaque. Newspaper photograph. Sydney Post, 1958.
"Fort That Held Our Destiny." Weekend Magazine, 8, No. 20 (1958).
Louisbourg. Weekly Cape Bretoner, July 26,1958, p. 1, 25.
Newspaper Photographs of Louisbourg. Cape Breton Post, July 28, [196_].
"$12 Million is Budgeted." Cape Breton Post, July 18, 1961.
McLennan, Katharine. "Letter." Au Choinneal, No. 2 (Autumn 1961).
"3 Cabinet Ministers Visit Fort." Cape Breton Post, June, 1964.

Home, Ruth M. and Elizabeth Burt-Gerrans. Listing the Objects in a Small Museum. Issued by the Museum Section of the Ontario Historical Society, 1955.
Moore, G.G. "The Museum and the Tourist."
Snyder, L.L. "Objectives in Museum Exhibits."
Todd, William. "Conservation of Earthenware Objects."
"Proposed Museum for Louisbourg." [depicts architectural drawing] Post Record, May 29, 1935.
"Louisbourg Museum Houses Many Relics." Sydney Post Record, July17, 1936.
"Museum at Louisbourg Fulfilment of Dream of Senator McLennan." Post Record, October3, 1937.
"Lord Tweedsmuir Officially Opens Federal Museum." Post Record, October 4, 1937.
McLennan, Katharine. "The Louisbourg Museum." July 1938.
"Louisbourg's Honorary Curator Has a Heritage of History." Toronto Saturday Night, October 11, 1947.
"Cod and Diplomacy Spelled the End of Fort Louisbourg." The Evening Bulletin, September 17, 1956.

Located in the back of drawer three are several items, including:
A Notebook, on which is noted:
Archives: Paris
Louisbourg: J.S. McLennan's Notes and Various Other Collections containing Louisbourg Items.
A Collection of Reviews, Correspondence, etc. regarding J.S. McLennan's Louisbourg From Its Foundation to its Fall.
Smith, Clara A. comp. The Newberry Library / List of Manuscript Maps in the Edward E. Ayer Collection. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1920. Lists three which pertain to Louisbourg.

Louisbourg McLennan File, Drawer No. 4, Miscellaneous
This file contains a variety of items pertaining to Louisbourg, most of which are the originals. Within this drawer the items are not arranged in any particular order. For purposes of this list they are arranged alphabetically.

Bioes. "James Boies Contractor for four teams of Oxen and Horses humbly prays an allowance for work done by them from the 1st to the 31st of December 1759 on the Fortifications &c of Louisbourg". Signed by James Boies' son. One sheet.
Bollan. Signed letter dated July 12, 1760.
Boscawen. Letter to his wife from sea. April 30, 1755.
Lawrence Kavanagh journal 1848-1849. [Lighthouse keeper, Louisbourg]
List of supplies sent to Louisbourg. Signed by Whitmore; Stater; Watson; etc. Dated June 26, 1760.
List of supplies sent to Louisbourg. Signed by Whitmore, etc. Dated June 20, 1760.
Louisbourg Museum File. Contains correspondence regarding the Louisbourg Museum. A listing of the contents is contained at the front of the file.
Map showing location of the Wreck of 'Chameau' from J.S. McLennan's 'Louisbourg'.
The Northcliffe Collection. Ottawa: F.A. Acland, 1926. "Consists of the papers of General Robert Moncton, of Brigadier General Townshend, some rare printed material and portraits."
Presis of Journals of 1st and 2nd Sieges. 1745 March 24th - 17th June. Shirley, Gibson, Pepperrell, DuChambon, Lettre d'Un Habitant, Rev. Stephen Williams, 1 entry. 1758, p. 1 missing. February - July.
55 pg. Drucour, Anan, Capricieux, Amherst, Boscawen, Gordon;. [J.S. McLennan]
Robins, Anne. Autograph Letter, signed. 1 Page.
Application for grant from the bequest of General James Wolfe's mother for the benefit of widows and dependents of officers and soldiers who served under the command of General Wolfe.
Also: A Three page folio; testimonial of Lieut. Richard Robin's service &c., mentioning that he was at the siege and taking of Louisbourg in 1758, signed by the Minister, 2 Church Wardens and five other
worthies of his hometown.
Services Francais. [scrapbook] Contains biographies of Prevost; Vauquelin; Verville; duVivier.
Shirley. Letter of Governor Shirley's to Governor Green of Rhode Island.
Envelope is Annotated: "Herein is an answer to a letter sent to Cape Breton concerning Nicholas Northup's son who was supposed to be there but he was not."
Webster, J.C. Catalogue of the John Clarence Webster Canadiana Collection. (Pictorial Section) New Brunswick Museum. Saint John: New Brunswick Museum, 1939.

This section will list those items pertaining to the Fortress of Louisbourg which are located in the Nova scotia Collection Filing Cabinet. These items are not catalogued, and are listed here in alphabetical order
according to the individual file in which they are found.
Also listed in this section are articles pertaining to the Fortress of Louisbourg which are found in Cape Breton's Magazine, and the Cape Breton Mirror.


FILE - Almon, Albert
"Sir William Pepperell and Historic Louisbourg." Pepperell Sheet.

FILE - Archibald, Harry A.
Archibald, H.A. "Louisbourg." [poem]

FILE - Cape Breton Description, Travel Guide Books
Beautiful Cape Breton: The Place to Spend a Summer Holiday. Sydney and Glace Bay: Published for Albert M. MacLeod by the James Bayne Co., n.d.
Contains a picture of "Ruins of Old French Fortifications Louisbourg."
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Kentville: Kentville Publishing Co., n.d. One page on Louisbourg.
Cape Breton: Nova Scotia: The Unspoiled Summerland of America. n.d.; n.p. "Contains eight pictures of Historic Louisbourg."
Forest, Stream and Seashore. Issued by the Intercolonial Railway and Prince Edward Island Railway of Canada, August 1901. p. 129-130.
Nova Scotia. Toronto: W.G. MacFarlane, n.d.
Contains picture: Bomb Proofs at Louisbourg; Monument at Louisbourg.

FILE - Cape Breton - History - Misc Papers
"The Louisbourg Campaign." Taken from the Journal of Chas. DesChamps de Boishebert. In Extract furnished by the late M. Placide Gaudet to Dr. J. Clarence Webster.

FILE - Cape Breton Historical Society Papers
"Copies of Documents from Archives Nationale." Some regard Duc d'Anville.
Crowe, Walter. "Duc d'Anville Buried at Louisbourg." Cape Breton Historical Society, No.1 (1928- 1932): 40-51.
______. "Duc d'Anville's Expedition." [hand written]

FILE - Chameau (Ship)
"Recovered Treasure from le Chameau." List for public auction.

FILE - DesBarres, Joseph Frederick Wallet
Morgan, R. Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres and the Founding of Cape Breton Colony. Ottawa: Editions de l'Universite d'Ottawa, n.d. p. 214-215.

FILE - Holland, Samuel
Chapman, Willis. The Life and Times of Major Samuel Holland, Surveyor General, 1764-1801. [192_] [Photocopy.] p. 16ff.
Campbell, P. MacKenzie. "Excerpts from Captain Samuel Holland's Survey of Cape Breton With Comments."

FILE - Louisbourg (Fortress)
Almon, Albert. Louisbourg: The Dream City of America. Glace Bay, 1934.
Bourinot, ______. "Once Famous Louisbourg." Magazine of American History, 27, No. 3 (1892): 177-195.
"Judge Crowe's Address at Unveiling of Dundonald Monument, Louisbourg."
"Louisbourg: A Special Issue." Canada: An Historical Magazine, 1, No.4 (1974).
McLennan, J.S. "Louisbourg: The Landing at Coromandiere Cove, June 8th, 1758."
_______. Louisbourg:Some Past Alarums and Recent Discoveries." McGill News, 14, No.1 (1932): 39-44.
_______. A Notable Ruin in Louisbourg. Halifax: Nova Scotia Historical Society, 1909.

FILE - Louisbourg (Fortress) Brochures, Pict. Works, etc.
"Historic Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: Where the Destiny of the New World was Determined." Compiled by the Bureau of Information, Government of Nova Scotia, Halifax.
King's Bastion. [photograph]
"The Landing of the New England Forces in Louisbourg, Cape Breton, in 1745. [photograph of painting]
"Louisbourg" [map showing location of exhibits, 196_]
"A View of the Landing of the New England Forces in ye Expedition against Cape Breton 1745." [Color facsimile reissued by MacMillan Company of Canada]
"Why You Should See Louisbourg." [pamphlet, n.d.]

FILE - Louisbourg (Fortress) Poetry
MacKinnon, William C. "Louisbourg."
Muggah, Fred G. "Louisbourg."

FILE - Louisbourg Library Holding List
Partial List of Books, Papers, Scrapbooks and Photos in Louisbourg Library, Belonging to the Library Itself. Compiled. January and February 1984 by Jean Kyte.

FILE - Louisbourg Lighthouse
Dunn, John R. The Louisbourg Lighthouse. Manuscript Report No. 32. National and Historic Parks Branch Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

FILE - McLennan, John S.
"John S. McLennan, Industrialist and Newspaper Publisher."

FILE - McLennan, Katharine
McLennan, Katharine. "Some Observations on Louisbourg." School Board Radio Talk - CJCB Radio - December 19, 1948.

Almon, Albert. "The Capitulation of Louisbourg." (From the Journal of General Amherst in the Gentleman's Magazine 1758.) Cape Breton Mirror, October 1953, pp. 5-16.
"Glace Bay Makes a Cannon For Louisbourg." Cape Breton's Magazine, No. 12: 25.
MacDonald, Helen C. "Louisbourg." Cape Breton Mirror, April 1952, p. 23.
MacKinnon, William C. "Louisbourg.' Cape Breton Mirror, October 1953.
McLennan, Katharine. "The Royal Isle: Fortress of Louisbourg." Cape Breton Mirror, May,1952, pp. 9, 16, 23.
_______. "The Royal Isle: Fortress of Louisbourg." Part II. Cape Breton Mirror, June 1952, pp. 15, 19-20.
_______. "The Royal Isle: Fortress of Louisbourg." Part III. Cape Breton Mirror, July, 1952, pp. 11,14,16.
_______. "The Royal Isle: Fortress of Louisbourg." Part IV. Cape Breton Mirror, August, 1952, pp. 9, 16.
"New Englanders Take Louisbourg, 1745." Cape Breton's Magazine, No. 19, pp. backcover, 32-38

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